Sonnet Of Brunette

sonnet writing girl

Bruised soul,dewy eyes and dusky shade,
Too many applauses and several praise
Ready to pour her love in heart to heart trade,
But she lasting for the one who pop to ashes with her blaze!

One touch that will hit like a tranquilizer,
Burn her sorrows and kill all of her pains
Open wounds need to be healed by that pacifier,
Listen to her warm melodies in frosty rains!

Unwind and twist her hair in mesh,
Someone to wipe off rust on her wings
Need that glance to gleam up dull flesh,
Clang her spirit beautifully like church bells rings!

Without the crown make her feel like a queen royal,
Ma amour to do this all but firstly need to be fiercely loyal!



Cinnamon,Cardamom,Turmeric and Clove,
What’s food without spice on the stove!
Scrambled eggs with sprinkled black pepper,
Looks more sizzling than a dapper!
Damn that curry with chopped green chilies,
Feels more divine than dew drops on lillies!
Crushed red chilies on Barbecue steaks and pieces of chicken leg,
Aroma of Biryani kills with hint of nutmeg!
Loaded fries served with hot sauce,
Makes u scream after eating them like a bad boss!
Thick crust fajita pizza with powdered oregano,
Hit taste buds like keys of piano!
All mexican wraps with jalapeno pickle,
Twist your nerves and makes your toes tickle!
Chicken curry,Beef steaks and Egg fried rice,
We can’t imagine our lives without spice!


From the gallows of darkness to the staircase of light,
I’ve been a victim of pervasive benevolence fright!
Manipulative actions and fake smiles,
All to gain your sympathies by their tricky beguiles!
Even sacred word like love has lost its meaning,
Now people use it for personal matters convening!
I’ve been taught many golden proverbs in my childhood,
Like,Tit for tat and Do good,Have good!
But as I grow older and get to know humans closely,
I can only smell evil intentions and can see their gestures ghostly,
Everyone all set to stab u in back coldly,
This all now making me lose my faith from humanity slowly!
Burned souls,wounded hearts and teary eyes,
All needy of God’s justice looking toward bright skies!

If you can be anything,be KIND!


Kindness is that blanket which brings coziness and warmth in this cold world.Its such an amazing virtue that never goes unrewarded no matter how big or little it is.A tiny act of kindness cannot only bring sheer pleasure to your soul but can also increase your rank in the eyes of God.Kindness itself is the trait of God.That dynamic quality of God is one of the major reasons that we got blessed by him again and again even after deviating from his path and committing several sins.Kindness has many forms,like forgiving someone for their mistakes,giving charity to the needy,helping someone in the hour of need and tiny acts like carrying load for someone,letting a pedestrian cross the road while you driving,telling someone how they are special to you,even a warm hug and a deep smile is counted in that.Genuine words of kindness can melt glaciers of hatred,they have power to heal all kind of wounds, can bring comfort to bleeding hearts and soothe scratches on someone’s soul. Practicing kindness makes a loop,today you helping a needy or poor,tomorrow God will protect you from evil doer!

What’s the idea of being still?


What’s the idea of being still,
Brains without storms and souls without turbulence are just to kill,
Your birth is no accident,
Turn your desires into memorable incidents,
That one crazy thought,
Can move mountains apart,
Why waiting,from now u can start!
Show the world wat u’ve got,
Take aim,stretch the bow and hit the dart!
That one girl who can sing,
Can make the world go bling bling,
Never took step to start a singing career,
Just because she having strong thoughts of failure,
That little boy living down the lane,
Who might could break records of Usain,
Never took part in any race,
Beacuse of the failure of losing his grace,
These two and many more,
World is full of dark horses even in folklores,
All these diamonds in coal mines should now get this,
What’s the idea of being still!

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart

They say follow your heart,
I rolled my eyes,frown and thought

Are them sure what they saying,
Sabotaging all without us knowing

Another kid was sent to med school,
Because his idea of becoming a guitarist labelled him fool

To get high rank,make good money is society’s token,
The guitar now lies in the corner with strings broken

Now every single day while he’s sitting in class,
He dreams about plucking the strings of guitar

A big cheerful audience,giggling,clapping and whistling,
Some kids in the crowd wanna get on stage thats why hustling

Disco lights brightening up everything,
People laughing,singing along and madly dancing

As he was about to sign off his show,
A ballpoint hit him with a grim face yelling,’you boy Hello!’

He manged to compose his self,
Though he was feeling like a slaved elf

He took out his notebooks and pen,
He knew now there was no escape from this Prison den

He never felt so helpless and shattered,
Living a life of his own but with the dictation of others

He still can hear those words in his ears,
Always follow ur heart,My love,My dear!

He sarcastically nod his head,
Because now he is solely dead!