As he says in Quran, “And hold firmly the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.”
-Al Imran

So here I wrote a little something being influenced by the above mentioned Quranic verse. May Allah(SWT) let us all acquire even a tiny piece of faith and conviction like his beloved prophets and saints..Ameen!

He blesses a concealed oyster with pearl,
You consider yourself weak, he can make you conquer world

Cries of Adam abandoned from paradise,
Or saving Joseph from his brothers many times

Shrieks of Yunas inside fish’s belly,
Or Abraham silently praying on fire deadly

Praying in mosque or singing choir in church,
Asking forgiveness during day or shedding tears in lurch

Deep inside the oceans to crossing seven skies,
Covering distances, bringing answers to your cries

But some complaint for not getting heard,
Not gaining enough compliance for their word

Prayers made loud or prayers in sheer silence,
All matters is that your heart’s having no ambivalence

Sealing your prayer with faith is the key,
Then wrapping it with ribbons of belief

Faith like Ismail got during his slaughter on God,
Conviction that let Moses divide water with Rod

Faith is the ladder to strength and power
Faith saved many being remembered as coward!

-Tanya Lakhera


Mentally beginning anew,
Shower and storms scramble,
A mind, a mess, stuck in the cold of blue,
Writhing in pain without preamble

A season after the cries of winter,
The tears of petals shed,
Flows hope once more enter

Where a broken heart bleed,
Relief of breath ooze,
As fragile blooms of forgiveness peek,
Through darken days of self abuse,
To nurture the delicate emotional physique

Healing in time blind,
Pure instinct survives,
An emotional breakdown of the mind
Waiting for the spring to arrive!

-Tanya Lakhera


I wanna look to the new beginnings,

I wanna feel and pour love!

Fears keep my head spinning,

But heart says u are my turtle dove!

We’ve got wounds from the past,

And many scratches on our souls!

I wanna heal them all fast,

Filling all grooves and holes!

I feel sparkle in ur spirit,

And blazing flames in ur eyes!

I wish and wish its all real,

Not another nightmare to my life!

I’ll stand with u forever,

Through ur sorrows and griefs!

Burning like stars who die never,

We’ll live and die in euphoric heaves!

-Tanya Lakhera

Sonnet Of Brunette

sonnet writing girl

Bruised soul,dewy eyes and dusky shade,
Too many applauses and several praise
Ready to pour her love in heart to heart trade,
But she lasting for the one who pop to ashes with her blaze!

One touch that will hit like a tranquilizer,
Burn her sorrows and kill all of her pains
Open wounds need to be healed by that pacifier,
Listen to her warm melodies in frosty rains!

Unwind and twist her hair in mesh,
Someone to wipe off rust on her wings
Need that glance to gleam up dull flesh,
Clang her spirit beautifully like church bells rings!

Without the crown make her feel like a queen royal,
Ma amour to do this all but firstly need to be fiercely loyal!



Cinnamon,Cardamom,Turmeric and Clove,
What’s food without spice on the stove!
Scrambled eggs with sprinkled black pepper,
Looks more sizzling than a dapper!
Damn that curry with chopped green chilies,
Feels more divine than dew drops on lillies!
Crushed red chilies on Barbecue steaks and pieces of chicken leg,
Aroma of Biryani kills with hint of nutmeg!
Loaded fries served with hot sauce,
Makes u scream after eating them like a bad boss!
Thick crust fajita pizza with powdered oregano,
Hit taste buds like keys of piano!
All mexican wraps with jalapeno pickle,
Twist your nerves and makes your toes tickle!
Chicken curry,Beef steaks and Egg fried rice,
We can’t imagine our lives without spice!


From the gallows of darkness to the staircase of light,
I’ve been a victim of pervasive benevolence fright!
Manipulative actions and fake smiles,
All to gain your sympathies by their tricky beguiles!
Even sacred word like love has lost its meaning,
Now people use it for personal matters convening!
I’ve been taught many golden proverbs in my childhood,
Like,Tit for tat and Do good,Have good!
But as I grow older and get to know humans closely,
I can only smell evil intentions and can see their gestures ghostly,
Everyone all set to stab u in back coldly,
This all now making me lose my faith from humanity slowly!
Burned souls,wounded hearts and teary eyes,
All needy of God’s justice looking toward bright skies!